The WaMPPP (  – Waste management curricula development in partnership with public and private sector, an Erasmus+–Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education project, coordinated by the College of Applied Technical Sciences Niš, has to respond to the urgently needed capacity building for the growing waste management (WM) industry. This aspect of environment protection is at a low level and the Waste Management experts are scarce. Serbian HE needs to respond and educate/train young people for the sector that will significantly grow as Serbia, candidate for EU, needs to fulfill Chapter 27 requirements. The Consortium consists of a broad array of European university partners from Greece, FYROM, Slovenia and Czech Republic and  and six Serbian partners.

The role of the Dept of Food Technology  ATEIth in the project is to help defining WM knowledge, skills and competences, help in the creation of 2nd level curricula, participate in delivering courses for both students and employees, and steer the dissemination and exploitation of the results of the project.