18 Dec

  • Αλέξανδρος Κουλούρης

PhD opportunity in food colloids

A highly-motivated person is sought for a PhD candidature in China (in direct collaboration with ATEI of Thessaloniki, Greece). The Chinese host is one of the leading Food Science Institutes in this country, while the theme of the PhD project is the interaction of food hydrocolloids with the oral environment.

The ideal candidate should be able to work independently in a new environment (minimum stay in China for 3 years). Indicative requirements are a solid background in Physical Chemistry and Food Science, an undergraduate degree in Food Science/Technology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science/Technology/Engineering, and a high level in English. A relevant postgraduate degree or scientific publications will be taken into consideration. Information and CV submission (including names of referees): critzou@food.teithe.gr (Christos Ritzoulis, Department of Food Technology, ATEI of Thessaloniki, Greece)