Since 1983, the year the Department was founded, more than 1400 students have graduated with the degree of Food Technology from the Technological and Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (students that will graduate with the degree of Food Science and Technology from the International Hellenic University are expected to graduate in 2024). Most department graduates successfully serve sectors of the Greek economy related to the strategically important food sector. Many graduates have chosen to pursue postgraduate and doctorate studies in Greece and abroad or join the international job market.

The Department graduates are its active representatives in the job market. The Department asserts that its graduates can have significant contribution in formulating its present and future academic profile; this is why it tries to maintain close and frequent contact with its graduates. Through personal questionnaires sent regularly to the graduates, the Department attempts to record their professional career and growth.  The collected data are being processed and analyzed in an attempt to improve the curriculum to cover in the broader possible way market needs.